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Social Accountability Through Youth in Tanzania

Grant Amount
Sep 2018 – Mar 2022
UK Aid

In this initiative in rural Tanzania, young people in rural communities are holding development projects, and the organisations delivering them, to account.

Young people are demanding accountability from development agencies in three regions of Tanzania to ensure their interventions are effective and inclusive. Over 350 young citizen monitors from over 150 communities are the local representatives who monitor local projects and use our app DevelopmentCheck to report their findings. They then identify and target key stakeholders in order to ensure that the issues they find are addressed, and this is also reported online on the app in real time.

In Tanzania, young people make up an especially large proportion of the population but most often do not have a voice in how development projects are implemented. This initiative aims to increase their confidence and skills to positively influence how development happens and encourage other citizens in their communities to do the same.

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