Integrity Action helps citizens to get quality projects and services for their communities.

Our Impact

Citizens everywhere need decent public services and infrastructure, as well as a prominent voice in how they are delivered. 

Integrity Action exists to make this happen. We work with citizens, civil society, aid agencies and governments, building relationships and trust and creating incentives for quality project and service delivery. 

We develop tools and approaches that have been used in around 20 countries to ensure services like health, education and infrastructure genuinely meet the needs of citizens. We also design digital applications that citizens can use to generate rich data, in real-time, helping stakeholders understand where the problems are and how they can be solved. 

Since being founded in 2003, Integrity Action has become a recognised voice in the fields of social accountability, civic tech and open government. To date, citizens have monitored over $1 billion worth of projects and solved 65% of problems found. 


Stories of change

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Kenya: Water without walking for miles

When water pumps broke, repair was often delayed and people had to walk miles for water. Uchi and Mwanakombo got this and other problems solved.

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Nepal: Students with disabilities secure eye tests for all

Mithilesh is partially sighted and felt excluded at school. Now, as chair of the school’s Integrity Club, he’s made life better for his peers.

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Afghanistan: Ensuring teachers turn up to work

Teachers often failed to show up at this school in Afghanistan. Now engagement by the Integrity Club has solved the problem. This programme ran from 2018 - 2021.

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We develop digital tools and community-centred methods to ensure vital projects and services meet the needs of all the citizens who use them.



Citizens from diverse backgrounds are ensuring services and projects are delivered well, in collaboration with the people responsible for them. 



Water supplies repaired, classrooms built properly, and communities and public stakeholders trusting each other and collaborating to solve problems.


DevelopmentCheck is a mobile app developed by Integrity Action

It is used by citizens to monitor vital projects and services and create rich data on their performance.

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US$1,026,838,379 worth of projects monitored since 2013

6,027 problems solved out of 9,238 problems identified

516 projects and services currently being monitored in 9 countries