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The Development Alternative

CAR, Iraq, Lebanon, oPt, Madagascar, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe
Grant Amount
Aug 2019 – Dec 2022
UK Aid

How do we ensure young people and their communities have a say in their own futures? How can we shift the power in development and change perceptions of young people?

These questions are at the core of the Development Alternative, a group of organisations that are committed to testing and developing new ways of doing development that are truly led by young people and their communities.

The Development Alternative is exploring ways to disrupt “business as usual” and provide a new paradigm that guides the way development is carried out in the Central African Republic, Iraq, Lebanon, Madagascar, the occupied Palestinian territory, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Zambia. Focusing on young people as agents of change, the programme combines Integrity Action’s approach to open citizen feedback with Restless Development’s youth leadership and accountability model. Youth monitors will report on livelihoods and other projects and engage with key power holders in order to demand that projects are being delivered as promised.

Integrity Action joins six partners in this consortium funded by the UK’s Department for International Development’s Aid Connect Civil Society Effectiveness stream and led by Restless Development. The partner organisations are Accountable Now, DOT Lebanon, Integrity Action, INTRAC, War Child and Y Care International.