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Advancing voluntary carbon markets through green accountability

Brittany Stevens

Head of Programme Development, Integrity Action

Jasmina Haynes, our CEO, recently participated in a panel discussion, "Advancing the Voluntary Carbon Markets through Green Accountability," alongside four other experts. They discussed the urgent need for transparency and integrity within voluntary carbon markets to drive meaningful progress.

Check out a glimpse of the discussion below and for a deeper understanding, watch the full video here



The dialogue was enriched by diverse perspectives on the essential factors that can advance voluntary carbon markets. We were incredibly lucky to have James Cameron, a renowned figure in the climate change arena, moderate the conversation. His work has been instrumental in bridging law, policy, finance, and innovation to tackle sustainable development challenges. Joining him were: 

  • Violet Shivutse, founder of Shibuye Community Health Workers, a grassroots organization championing climate resilience and women's rights in Kenya;
  • Jesse Worker, Acting Director at the World Resource Institute's Center for Equitable Development, focusing on climate governance;
  • Apoorva Oza, former CEO of Aga Khan Rural Support Programme India, now Global Lead for Agriculture and Climate Change at the Aga Khan Development Network; and
  • Jasmina Haynes, Integrity Action CEO 

The conversation underscored the voluntary carbon market's potential for good for communities and the critical role that trust, transparency and accountability plays in getting there.

Watch the full video here: Advancing VCMs through green accountability